Best Way To Crack Your Own Back Safely!?

Do not perform this activity or anything on this page without consulting with  a healthcare provider to see if this is something that is right for you. All information on this page is for informational purpose only. Do not take it as medical advice.

If you have ever felt like your back is stiff and just needs to pop so that you can get some relief and go about enjoying your day then watch the video above. Cracking your own back doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can use an everyday item  like a broom stick to get the job done.

What happens when your back cracks?

When your back cracks there is a very quick separation of two joint surfaces (facet joint). During this separation gas that is normally in your joint capsule quickly moves into the area of separation. This movement of gas is called tribonucleation and is what makes the popping sound. While many people think this sound is coming from the discs in the low back, that simply is not true. The joints that you are moving in the low back and the ones that pop are called the facet joints. When cracking the facet joint we are taking the joint into a range where it is close to the end of its motion. We are separating one joint surface from the other. The whole idea behind this is to improve the mobility, motion, and functionality of this joint.  While a lot of people love the popping and cracking sensation it is not all that vital. It is more important to get the joint moving and improve mobility. the cracking sound is secondary. A joint can be mobilized without the cracking sensation.