Do you take my Insurance?

My goal is to provide high quality, effective, One-On-One care that provides patients amazing outcomes at an affordable price! I am an out of network provider with all health insurances. What this means for you is that I have more time and more options to treat you with the best available care in order to get you better as quickly as possible, without being restricted with what services that I am allowed to provide to you. I offer exceptional care to my patients at a reasonable cost.  At Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation insurance companies do not dictate the care that my patients receive. I am able to give you the treatment, and spend the time with you, that you need and as a result you will feel better faster.

Does this cost me more money?

No, in fact we save most of our patients money. If you go to a provider that takes your insurance you must meet your deductible before you can just pay your copay for a visit. The average deductible is currently around $2000 and the average specialist copay is around $40. Most people have not met their deductible as such you will need to pay the doctor the full price that he charges the insurance company for your visits. This can be hundreds of dollars per visit. Even if you have met your deductible you will still pay your copay each visit and some parts of the care may not be covered by your insurance and you would have to pay out of pocket for that. Please contact us to discus your payment options.