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Quick and Easy Pittsburgh DOT Physical Exam

I understand the demands of commercial driving can make things hectic. That’s why I try to make the DOT physical exam process as easy as possible for my drivers. My ultimate goal is to keep the roads safe, but I also want the process to run smoothly and for drivers to easily continue their work. That’s why I offer DOT exams for a very reasonable price and can almost always get drivers within 48 to 72 hours. DOT exams can be stressful events and I understand that. I try to remove as much stress from the exam as possible. I can often advise and work with drivers to help them meet the requirements in order to keep on driving. I also help my drivers stay qualified by addressing their issues and giving them advice on how to continue to meet the standards throughout the duration of their careers. 

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If you want to improve your chances of passing this exam I highly recommend watching the video down below!

What is a DOT Physical exam?

The DOT physical exam for a CDL is required by the FMCSA for anyone who operates a commercial motor vehicle or holds a commercial drivers license. The examination assess a drivers physical fitness for driving to ensure road safety. The exam must be completed at least every 2 years and in some instances more frequently.

HOW To Improve Your Chances of Passing The Physical Exam!

If you are worried about passing your exam I understand, but I want you to pass so follow this advice and you will give yourself a very good chance at passing your exam. 

Schedule your exam at least one if not two weeks out. During those two weeks before your exam eat and drink as healthy as possible. This means reducing caffeine, salt, and sugar. Try to regulate your sleep schedule as much as possible. This means getting at the very least 6 hours of sleep per night.  If you smoke, consider quitting or at least taking a hiatus.

Make sure your eyeglass prescription is up to date. If you need hearing aids make sure they are functioning correctly. 

If you take medications continue to take them as prescribed. Write down and bring with you a list of your  medications including the correct spelling, dosage & prescribing provider’s name.

If you have a medical condition ensure that you have been seen by your primary care doctor or treating doctor within the past 12 months and have those records with you during your exam. If you see any specialists for your medical condition please make a list of the names of the specialist, their contact information, and what they treat you for. Bring that list with you to the exam. If you have seen them within the past 12 months attain and bring a copy of their records with you.

On the day of the exam do not drink caffeine. Avoid nicotine.  Ensure you got enough sleep the night before. Take a shower before the exam.  Bring your driver’s license with you. Bring cash or credit to pay for your exam. 

Try to relax as much as possible. 

What to expect during your medical exam?

The DOT medical exam includes an overview of your medical history as well as an assessment of vision, hearing, cardiovascular function, pulmonary function, neurological function, general mobility, and a urinalysis. In general one should expect to be at the examination for around a half an hour.

I understand how life as a driver can be very demanding and challenging. My goal is to help drivers easily get in and be examined so that they can focus on whats important to them.

Please make sure you do the following when presenting to your exam

  1. Shower prior to the exam
  2. Ensure that you have cash or credit card with you as well as your drivers license
  3. Bring a list of all of your medications including the dosage, amount taken per day, and the prescribing providers name
  4. Bring with you all relevant medical records. (IF you have a serious medical condition please bring with you information from your primary care doctor and/or your specialist doctor)
  5. Glasses if you have them
  6. Hearing aid if you have them

What Else You Need To Know

There are conditions that are immediate dis-qualifiers including but not limited to marijuana use, epilepsy, meniere’s disease, narcolepsy, kidney failure that requires dialysis.

If you have or have had cardiovascular disease please bring with you the latest physical exam notes from your cardiologist

If you have or have had a neurological disorder including a traumatic brain injury please bring with you the latest exam notes from the relevant provider

If you have or have had pulmonary disease please bring with you the latest exam notes from the relevant provider

If you have diabetes please bring with you the latest notes from your relevant provider

If you have sleep apnea please bring your cpap compliance log with you


Try to relax. I understand how theses exams can be stressful, but I am on your side and willing to work with you to the best of my abilities.

Try not to use caffeine or nicotine for at least 1-2 hours prior to your exam. These stimulants raise your blood pressure.

Drink water prior to the exam so you can do the urinalysis. (urinalysis is no big deal we are screening for blood, glucose, protein, and specific gravity)

Be honest.