Harmar Area Chiropractor

Located conveniently in Harmar

Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is located right in Harmar Township and is easy to get to. We serve the Harmarville community and do our best to get people out of pain fast.

Affordable chiropractic care for Harmarville

We are dedicated to providing quality care to our clientele. We are focused on getting people out of pain and returning them back to their lives as quickly as possible. By combining chiropractic and rehabilitation services, we are able to get patients out of pain fast and then keep them out of pain. If you are in pain and think that chiropractic care could help you call 412-817-8124!

Dr. Tauberg’s connection

Dr. Alex Tauberg grew up in O’Hara Township and as such is very familiar with Harmar Township. He grew up playing roller hockey at the old Bladerunners Ice Arena ( now Alpha Ice Arena). He recently began playing there again and absolutely loves it. Dr. Tauberg can often be found in the Harmar Township area, both at work and in his free time as he enjoys spending time there. He occasionally volunteers his time at Alpha Ice Arena to provide stretching and taping to athletes in the Harmar Township area.