How to avoid wrist pain from typing using these 10 incredible ways

Peoples who spend hours working on computers likely face several health-related issues in their body.

Especially, those who work on the keyboards for typing purpose suffers in problems like the pain in their wrist.

If not treated well, the wrist pain can sometimes go severe and can cause injuries like Carpal tunnel syndrome.

So for the solution of all, I’ve got some practical working tips explaining how to avoid wrist pain from typing using these ten incredible ways!

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SO without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Fix your posture:

A right and maintained body posture is not only required to avoid the back and neck issues, but it also deals with the stability of the entire body system. Moreover, the unbalanced body position can effect to every possible body part including your wrist.

The expert’s recommendation is to; keep your feet flat on the floor with the knees bent at 90-degree angle. Maintain the screen at the level of your eyes, and align your head with the spine. Furthermore, your pelvis must have a rest on the back of the chair. Optionally, you can use a cushion or a pillow for the better rest.

Do not push or pressurize any of your body parts, keep your arms, feet and back in a relaxed condition.

Always keep the recommended posture in your mind; never forget to lose it whether you are working at a laptop or a desktop computer.

Fix the way you type:

Inappropriate way of typing on the keyboard is a primary reason for the wrist pain. Your way of typing would possibly be comfortable for you, but that wrong typing technique is directly affecting the health of your wrist.

So when you are typing, do not push and burden your shoulders to reach the hands towards the keyboard. Keep your arms straight and comfortable on the keyboard. Don’t bend, rotate, neither raise your hands as this mistake is responsible for the wrist pain.

Keep everything, your arms, wrist, and fingers straight and easy on the buttons.

Take frequent breaks:

A prolong, and unrest typing is another reason why you are suffering from wrist pain. That is, you must take some short breaks to reduce the burden from the wrist muscles.

Pause your work after every 20-30 minutes; take a break of at least 2-3 minutes. Do the wrist exercises in the break time which are described at the bottom.

Exercise your wrist:

There are couples of stretching activities which are useful in avoiding the wrist pain from typing. Below, we have described some of them which can result in a powerful treatment against the massive pain in the wrist.

Push & release exercise:

Here is a quite simple activity to release wrist pain. All you need is to make a fist for a while, then open it completely. Use a slight force while closing and opening the fist.

Have this exercise every day for about 2 minutes.

Hands rotate exercise:

In this, you have to make a fist and turn your hands to the right and left. Make sure not to lose the direction and keep the position fixed to the right to left.

Similar to this, you can do another exercise by raising and lowering your hand with slight pressure.

Both exercises can help in relieving stiffness and pain in your wrist effectively.

Touch the thumb exercise:

This one is interesting, and you can do this anytime you want.

In this, you have to touch the tip of your every finger with the tip of the thumb. Do this for 1-2 minute every day.

This activity will help you in removing the stiffness from the muscles of the wrist.

Straight up & down exercise:

Open your hand fully; keep your fingers straight in the front position. Now bend your hand down with a slight force and return it to the previous up position.

This exercise can result in excellent mobility for the tensed and stiffed muscles of your wrist.

Massage your wrist:

A massage with the right techniques can provide you a great relief from the wrist issues.

Apply some hot oil over the wrist. Using your fingers, rub the oil in circular motions. After that, press your thumb on the wrist and massage the area in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Continue the process until the oil doesn’t observe.

Massaging is suitable whether your wrist aches or not. So you can massage your wrist anytime or any day you want

Apply heat & cold:

The two separate kinds of stuff have a strong possibility in curing the affected wrist: both, the heat and cold actions deeply in the tensed nerves and muscles tissues.

To apply heat, Dab a piece of the towel into the hot water and squeeze it. After that, apply it over the wrist and throughout the painful areas of your hand.

And to apply the cold, grab an ice cube, and directly apply it thoroughly over the wrist.

Do not use both tips at the same time; apply any one of them which works as a better treatment for your wrist pain.

Apply Tiger balm:

Tiger balm works as a magical treatment against the unbearable wrist pain. Its ingredients including mint oil, clove oil menthol, etc. is cooperatively a powerful remedy against the deep nerve and tissue pain.

To work with it, apply two tips of it over the wrist and spread it over each painful area.  The balm will begin providing a sensation of relief within seconds.

Repeat the Tiger balm remedy every day until the final solution.

Get a wireless keyboard:

A wireless keyboard can work as a comfortable device to type effortlessly on the computers. These keyboards are easy to handle and require less effort to use.

Unlike the traditional ones, wireless keyboards do not need the person to push the body forward for typing which can easily affect the recommended posture.

The best part is, you can put these keyboards over your lap plus it can be easily adjusted by your wrist for better typing.

Buy a wrist splint:

A wrist splint is a kind of long glove that covers both palm and the wrist. It is a practical wearable against the wrist pain caused by prolonging keyboard uses. It provides the heat and compression to the wrist bones and other muscles.

So, if you are not capable of typing comfortably and are suffering from the wrist issues for an extended time, you should give a try to this exceptional glove for the better relief.

Note: Wear it in the night time and especially at the time when you experience complains in your wrist.

Consult with the specialist:

In some cases, the wrist pain can go out of the control, and the treatment remains no more in the hand of the person. In these situations, a medical consultation is necessary to be safe from further problems.

More importantly, if the pain gets old, then the condition might be alarming of the critical injuries like Carpel tunnel syndrome whose treatment is only under the hand of the medical expert.

So, don’t get late and have a checkup to the specialist before the problem turns into the serious injury.


Wrist pain can be treated if one cares and fix the way of using over the keyboard. Moreover, the right posture, quick exercises and other recommendation can result in an effective relief if implemented well.

Furthermore, if the wrist issue is not treated soon, a person can suffer in the severe wrist injury known as the Carpel tunnel syndrome.

So the best recommendation is; care the best of your wrist before the problem gets severe and turns into the tough situation.

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