How to Effectively Treat Back Pain From Home

Back pain can be extremely debilitating and uncomfortable. Unlike other types of injuries or medical conditions, there isn’t always a quick fix available. Recovery from a back injury can be a long process, and it may require making some lifestyle changes that make treatment and rehabilitation a major priority. Here are four things that you can do from home to get some relief from chronic back pain.

  1. Get In the Water

Hydrotherapy is a highly effective form of physical therapy for individuals who are struggling with chronic pain. Doing physical therapy in the water allows people to move their bodies in ways that would otherwise cause acute pain. It’s a great way to build strength, maintain mobility, stretch out muscles, and release fascial tension. Installing an inground pool can help you have access to hydrotherapy as often as you like. When you consider what an inground pool cost will amount to compared to other physical therapy expenses, the investment isn’t particularly significant. If home hydrotherapy can help you improve mobility and offer any measure of pain relief, it’s likely well worth it. Moreover, this investment has the added benefit of providing your family and guests with a fun place to hang out, and it may increase the value of your home.

  1. Use an Inversion Table

One of the best ways to relieve back pain from home is to use an inversion table. This equipment can help to relieve spinal pressure. It allows you to swing your body into a horizontal incline and even swing entirely upside down, alleviating compressed discs and allowing clenched muscles to relax and release. When you’re at an inverted angle, you may notice that pressure in your back and nerve pain from compressed or herniated discs noticeably improves. Years ago, this equipment was very expensive, and many people had to see a physical therapist in order to use one. In recent years, they’ve become very popular. More manufacturers offering these products for in-home use has caused their pricing to become competitive, and they’re a lot more affordable than they once were.

  1. Do McKenzie Rehab Exercises at Home

When you’re trying to cope with back pain, you should see a physical therapist regularly to get a specially prescribed treatment plan. You shouldn’t limit your exercises to when you see your physical therapist, though. He or she will likely recommend that you perform some of your physical therapy routine at home by doing McKenzie exercises several days a week if not every day. You may need some basic equipment, but it’s typically not very costly. You may be advised to use resistance bands to build muscle strength, a foam roller to relieve tension, or an inflatable ball to help stretch the muscles in your lower back. However, many exercises won’t require the use of any assistive equipment. The McKenzie method is one of the most popular and widely prescribed physical therapy methodologies used to treat back pain. You’ll develop increased lower back strength, a stronger core, and improved flexibility and mobility.

  1. Try an E-Stim Machine

A machine that uses electric stimulation can be very helpful for relieving nerve pain and spasmed muscles in your back. These machines send small electronic impulses on pressure points and help to interrupt the transmission of pain through your body’s neural pathways. They can also force your muscles to stop contracting by stimulating them to contract differently. Some people feel a little apprehensive about these machines because they think that it’s like being shocked. However, the sensation is more like pressure than an electric jolt. Also, the intensity is adjustable, so you can set the machine at a level that feels just right.

Don’t let chronic back pain hold you back from doing the things that you most enjoy or cause the rest of your physical health suffer. Taking active steps to address back pain from the comfort of home can offer appreciable relief without significant cost or inconvenience.

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