Personalized Chiropractic Care In Pittsburgh

Have you ever been to a Chiropractic Clinic or Physical Therapy office where you only see the doctor for 5 minutes?

I know from my personal experience what it is like to go to a doctor’s office and barely be seen by the doctor. It’s incredibly frustrating. Sure the office staff is nice, and the assistants seem to know what they are doing, but I want to be seen by the expert.  That’s why at Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation I make sure to spend plenty of one on one time with my patients. In fact, I’m the only one that works at my practice so the whole time that patients are in my office they are working with me. This allows me to learn about my patients and their issues and goals. We can work together to get them better.

Personalized chiropractic care equals better results.

Working one on one with patients I am able to customize their treatment to meet their needs. While at other clinics every patient might receive the same care regardless of their condition. This is not how I do things. When I meet a new patient I want to know what their goals are I want to know why they came to my office, and I want to help them reach those goals. I am able to work with my patients directly on the things that can help them reach their goal. If a patient’s goal is to just walk without pain then their treatment is going to look different then someone who wants to be able to do power lifts. This personalized care helps my patients’ progress quickly. My patients buy into treatment because it makes sense.  They buy in because it meets their needs.

If you want to feel better faster, get back to your lifestyle quicker, and value your time then this office is right for you.

By personalizing care I am able to get people better faster. Instead of coming in for months on end I usually get my patients better in days if not weeks. I give my patients the tools they need to be successful because the goal of treatment is to free you not to create a new dependence on my care. If you are interested in learning how I can help you please give me a call at 412-517-8124. We can discuss your condition and talk about the types of treatment that you might benefit from.