Sports Chiropractor Pittsburgh

Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Tauberg. Picture of Dr.T at the Wide World Of Sports

Dr. Alex Tauberg is a board certified sports chiropractor and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. As a sports chiropractor Dr. Tauberg works with athletes both on and off the field. He helps athletes get out of pain and back to optimal performance so that they can continue to participate in the sports that they love to play. It is no fun to be on the sidelines due to an injury. Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help you stay on the field longer and get back onto the field when the injury bug hits.

Team Chiropractor

Dr. Tauberg is one of the Pittsburgh Vengeance Jr A. team doctors. He provides emergency medical care as well as sports medicine services to the players on the Pittsburgh Vengeance. Dr. Alex Tauberg of Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has provided emergency medical and sports medicine services at many different sporting events unrelated to the Vengeance as well. He was a member of the SANCA medical team in Sarasota Florida when he lived near there. With that team he provided care for triathlons, rowing, and other events that had competitors from children all the way up to the professional level.

Emergency Medical Care For The Pittsburgh Vengeance

During Pittsburgh Vengeance home games Dr. Tauberg can usually be found at the ice rink where he is prepared to help the players of both teams in an emergency situation. Those emergencies can be a simple as a cut or something much more serious. Dr. Tauberg has been properly trained to provide care in those situations. He has taken courses to prepare him to give basic life support and first aid. He is also trained in CPR and the use of AEDs. Dr. Tauberg is currently continuing his education to make sure he provides the best possible care in potential emergency situations. He is currently taking a class at Carnegie Mellon University where he is being trained to become an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). An Emergency Medical Responder is one step under an EMT. They are trained in very similar ways although an EMT is trained to transporting patients while EMRs primarily interact with the patient at the scene.

Being a Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Tauberg works with players, both on the Pittsburgh Vengeance as well as other athletes, on game day and leading up to games to get them ready to play. Whether players need to be tapped up, stretched out, or have manipulation performed on them Dr. Tauberg works with athletes so they can get out there and perform. Dr. Tauberg always strives to make sure that the players he treats are safe, but seeing players get out on the field, ice, or road and tear things up is what truly drives him to continue to work with athletes of all levels. Being a CSCS, certified strength and conditioning specialists, helps Dr. Tauberg work with athletes and their trainers to get them better faster. Having an in-depth understanding of how athletes train really is key to helping them rehabilitate once they get injured. Dr. Tauberg is taking courses and in the process to become a certified sports chiropractic physician. By striving to earn this certificate he is furthering his education and knowledge in the field of sports medicine. While Dr. Tauberg already delivers great care he is always trying to deliver the absolute best care to his athletes and he believes completing this certificate will help him to do that.

Athletes And Teams In The Pittsburgh Or Fox Chapel Areas

If you would like Dr. Tauberg to provide care to your team or players he can be contacted here. He is always open to working with new teams as long as he can fit their games into his schedule.