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Are you frustrated by a sports injury? Or are you looking to recover faster so that you can perform better? In either case I can help you, so please keep reading.

At Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation I offer services for all levels of athletes throughout the training and rehabilitation phases. If you have suffered a sports injury I can work with you to overcome your injury and get you back on the field as quickly as possible. On the other hand if your goal is to stay on the field and to perform to the best of your abilities I have the tools that can help you do just that.

Sports Injury Services

As an athlete you have probably suffered an injury at one point or another. Usually athletes will just ignore their pain. They expect that it will just go away with time. While this holds true a majority of the time, it does not always. When dealing with an injury the longer the pain continues to nag the more likely that it won’t go away without being properly treated. The same is true for injuries that seem to go away but then keep popping up and continuously reoccur.

When an injury doesn’t go away and stay away on its own that is usually because it was not treated and or cared for properly. When an athlete suffers an injury and they are at the point where they realize its not going to just go away the first thing they will try to do is rest the injured area. While this may seem like a good idea at first, it probably isn’t the best thing you can do.  Then when rest doesn’t work athletes love to look on the web for home exercises to try, or they go get a massage, or maybe they just accept that they are going to suffer from pain, but are going to play through it.  Unfortunately these tactics seldom work. If  this sounds like you I understand, I have seen plenty of people come through my door with similar stories.

When you have suffered from a sports injury you need to go to someone that can help you determine what the injury is, the exact cause of the injury, and the best treatment for that injury. This is exactly what I do at my clinic. I sit down with you in a one on one setting and we really dive into your injury. We go over your medical history and a comprehensive history of your injury, then I perform an in-depth examination, and finally I design a personalized treatment plan to specifically target the cause of your injury. My goal is to not only get you out of pain and back onto the field, but to also give you the tools to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Since treatment is personalized depending on the history and examination it is difficult to tell you exactly what your treatment will look like, but some of the common therapies that I use include: therapeutic exercise, myofascial work, chiropractic care, kinesiology taping and, the use of low level laser.

Sports Performance/Recovery Services

If you aren’t having any trouble stay on the field then that’s great! I can help you maintain and even improve your abilities.∗ Whether you are a weekend warrior gearing up for a big race or a highly competitive athlete in the middle of the season you train hard. When you train hard you become sore, and when youre sore you don’t recover as quickly as possible.

Recovering from a training session as quickly as possible allows you to optimize your performance. You can go just as hard or even hard during your next session. While I can’t do the work for you I offer the therapies that can help you recover faster so you can train harder.

At Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation I offer Sports Recovery Boots,  Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Infra-Red Therapy, and More…

Sports Recovery Boots – Flush the muscles after a hard training session. Clearing the muscles may help to reduce the risk of injury as well as delayed onset muscle soreness.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation – Activate muscle fibers pre or post. EMS can cause your muscles to contract and relax using electrical current. This can be used as a warm up, or to quickly recover. This can keep the muscles and joint loose. The research isn’t clear but it has also been theorized that EMS can be used to improve muscle performance.

Infra-Red Therapy- Deep penetrating heat that may reduce oxidative stress.  Infra-red therapy may be used to reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, reduce oxidative stress, and potentially speed healing.

∗results may vary

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Schedule your completely complimentary and commitment free Discovery Visit. During the Discovery Visit I will go over your goals, one on one with you. Together we will determine if I can help you, and I will give you a better idea of how I can help you. If you are trying to recover from an injury we will discuss your injury so I can give you a better understanding of your condition and what the best treatment may look like. If you looking to recover faster so you can perform better I will discus with you the various therapies and technologies and how they can help you achieve your goals. This visit will help you determine the next step on your athletic journey.