The Best Chiropractor In Pittsburgh

Dr. Alex Tauberg of Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation wants to be one of the best chiropractors in Pittsburgh. He also realizes that he will never truly be the best chiropractor in Pittsburgh as being the best chiropractor in Pittsburgh is a subjective and abstract idea. Every patient is different and every patient has different needs, so being the best is a very subjective thing. For instance it is possible to be the best fit for one patient while at the same time being a terrible fit for another. Dr. Tauberg’s goal is more about doing whatever it takes to make sure that he is as competent and skilled a provider as he can possibly be. He believes that the best way to do this, and as a result hopefully become one of Pittsburgh’s best chiropractors, is to continue learning, stay up to date on rehabilitation research, and to continue to hone his skills.


In order to become one of the best chiropractors in Pittsburgh Dr. Tauberg has set out to continue his education. The best way to continue ones education is through learning something new every day and by continuing to take courses.  Dr. Tauberg is a big fan of reading. This is how he makes sure that he learns something new every day. During his down time in the office he can often be found at his desk reading textbooks. The textbooks that he likes to read are focused around providing the best possible treatment to patients for all sorts of different injuries. In addition to that he has taken hundreds of hours in continuing education credits in the past year. He is currently taking courses at The University of Pittsburgh in their Primary Spine Practitioner program. Dr. Tauberg of Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation recently finished taking 100+ hours of courses in chiropractic sports medicine. He plans on taking the test to become certified as a certified chiropractic sports practitioner later this year. This past year Alex has also been involved in a number of different courses to gain certifications, which he believes will help him provide quality care to the Pittsburgh area community. The two certifications he has earned this past year include the highly acclaimed (CSCS) certified strength and continuing specialist, and the (EMR) emergency medical responder certification. Dr. Tauberg believes these certifications have helped him learn how to provide a higher quality of medical coverage for the sports teams that he works with. He believes this will also transfer into his in-office care. As a result these certification should help him provide high quality care to the Pittsburgh area.


Research is extremely important. Without knowing what the research says the treatment that a provider decides to do is pretty much just a guess. A lot of the time it is very hard to know exactly what is going on with a patient or what the best way to treat the patient is. Research helps to make this easier. Understanding the research does not make every treatment successful but it does change what would be a shot in the dark into an educated decision. Dr. Tauberg strives to stay up to date with the research relating to his field. He tries to seek out and read the newest systematic reviews regarding the treatments he provides as well as on the conditions he cares for. This allows him to know if a certain treatment is likely to be effective for his patients. By knowing the research Dr. Tauberg is able to provide evidence based care to the Pittsburgh area.


It takes practice in order to eventually be considered one of the best chiropractors in Pittsburgh. Just like anything else in order to be the best you have to train. Being a chiropractor is no different. While young, Dr. Tauberg loves improving his skills. He makes sure that he does so every day by simply practicing. Dr.Tauberg often works long weeks so he has plenty of practice time. Besides having normal office hours he can often be found offering services at Alpha Ice arena.

Dr. Tauberg of Tauberg Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is hopeful that he can provide for the Pittsburgh community for decades to come. While he may never truly be the best chiropractor in Pittsburgh, he does provide high quality of care to the area.